Innovators in Compliance-Driven Recruitment & Staffing for the Manufacturing Sector

AAP excels in providing comprehensive staffing and recruiting solutions tailored to the manufacturing sector, serving clients across both local and national landscapes. Our expertise liberates our clients from the burdens of traditional hiring processes by offering services that encompass the full spectrum of employment management. This includes:

  • Eliminating the need for clients to place job advertisements and sift through an overwhelming volume of resumes.
  • Saving clients time by handling the extensive process of scheduling and conducting numerous interviews.
  • Reducing the necessity for clients to invest countless hours in the training and certification of new hires.
  • Managing complex aspects of employment, such as payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation insurance.

With AAP, you gain a seamless staffing and recruiting experience from start to finish, adhering to compliance and best practices in the industry, ensuring a harmonious balance between local insight and national reach.

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All About Personnel (AAP Staff) was established with the aim of delivering top-tier staffing and management consulting services to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Our core mission in every staffing and consulting endeavor is to enhance our clients’ profitability by boosting productivity, elevating quality and competitiveness, and minimizing turnover through strategic talent acquisition specific to their industry. Over the past two decades, the dynamics of staffing and talent acquisition have evolved considerably, and we are dedicated to guiding our clients towards enhancing their efficiency and reducing employee turnover.

What sets All About Personnel apart from its competitors is our deep commitment to compliance and ethical practices in every aspect of our operations. Our management and recruitment team, enriched with vast experience and diverse industry knowledge, enables us to adopt a unique approach to onboarding, orienting, and recruiting talent. This distinct perspective not only allows us to efficiently identify the most suitable candidates but also empowers us to uncover exceptional talent – those “needles in a haystack” – that others might overlook. Our ethical standards and compliance-focused strategies ensure that we not only meet but exceed the expectations in finding the right fit for the roles, highlighting our dedication to integrity and excellence in staffing solutions.

Indeed, it’s true that we all tap into the same talent pool as other agencies and hiring companies. What distinguishes All About Personnel (AAP) is our deep-rooted understanding and genuine experience within the industries we serve. This insider knowledge doesn’t just enable us to present ourselves as an attractive employer; it crucially allows us to advocate for our clients as the preferred choice for potential employees. Our recruitment approach is built on absolute transparency about AAP and the esteemed clients we partner with. This openness is essential and is extended equally to both candidates and clients.

By setting clear expectations right from the outset — well before a candidate commences their role with a client — we lay the foundation for a more informed, cohesive fit. This approach not only facilitates a smoother transition for new employees but also significantly reduces turnover rates within your facility. Our insider perspective ensures that we’re not just filling positions, but are actively enhancing the synergy between candidates and clients, thereby reducing attrition through a profound understanding of the needs and nuances specific to the industries we cater to.

Our pricing structure is designed with flexibility and customization at its core, recognizing that each client has unique needs and requirements. This approach allows us to tailor our staffing models specifically to your situation, considering factors such as the roles you need to fill, your compensation strategy, and the volume of staffing required. It’s important to note that All About Personnel does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all methodology. Instead, we pride ourselves on our ability to be competitive, often devising more efficient models that not only save money but also bring additional value to your operations.

Our rates are positioned to reflect the balance between quality and cost-efficiency. We aim to provide the best possible value without compromising on the quality of the staffing solutions we offer. By working closely with you to understand and meet your needs, we ensure that the investment you make in our services translates into tangible benefits for your business, creating a staffing solution that is both effective and economical.

Staffing & Recruiting

We are Experts In Staffing Manufacturing Facilities

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our ethos is a profound commitment to exceptional customer service, which we define as an organization’s capacity to fulfill the desires and requirements of its clients. Our dedicated team is unwavering in its pursuit to deliver on our staffing commitments with precision and care. We believe in the power of nurturing long-term relationships with our clients, rooted in a mutual desire for their growth and success. Our approach intertwines the implementation of industry best practices with a steadfast adherence to ethical standards. This dual focus ensures that we not only consult and recruit with integrity but also tailor staffing programs that genuinely resonate with and support the unique aspirations of each client. Through this philosophy, we aim to be more than a service provider; we strive to be a partner in your success, fostering an environment where your company can thrive and expand with confidence.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage manufacturing sector plays a crucial role in the global economy

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

Recruiting for the Aerospace and Defense sector presents a unique set of challenges

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

Navigating the staffing requirements of the plastics and rubber industries

Paper and Printing Manufacturing

The print and paper manufacturing industry encompasses a wide range of roles

Pharmaceutical/Consumer Manufacturing

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturing sectors

Chemical Manufacturing

In the demanding realm of chemical manufacturing, AAP's staffing strategy

Payroll/Employer of Record Services (EOR)

AAP offers comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Connecting The Right People To The Right Job!

AAP Industrial Manufacturing Staffing Agency is different because we match employers with a skilled candidate suited to that job. Making the right fit is the straightest path to success.

More than 15,000 companies worldwide work with us

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