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Finding Talent for Your Business

Tempo Professional Services focuses on handling sourcing and onboarding of permanent employees, so you can focus on your daily workload. Don't worry about sifting through resumes, conducting interviews, and other time consuming hiring tasks.

Our permanent placement solutions screen candidates to match you with qualified, talented individuals that meet your business' unique needs. We work with your business to understand your vision, what kind of candidate will fit your needs, and how we can someone who will contribute to your success long term.

The Tempo Professional Services hiring process includes:

Tempo Professional Services
  • Pre-employment qualification screening

  • Skills assessments for each position, based on customer’s job descriptions

  • Candidate behavioral and cognitive assessments

  • Face-to-face candidate interviews

  • Employment verification of last two employers

  • Right to Work verification (I-9 certification)

  • Drug Test (upon client request)

Looking for the right opportunity?

Tempo Professional Services works to match you with the right opportunity for permanent placement. Submit your resume to get started!

Permanent Placement Recruitment

The Tempo Professional Services expert staff is dedicated to finding you the right talent. We've worked to streamline our recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding process to deliver you the best candidates faster. The result? More immediate productivity enhancements and greater ROI.

Temporary-to-Permanent Placement Recruitment

With our temporary-to-permanent recruitment solution, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities. Then, only successful performers transition to permanent employment status. Thousands of qualified Tempo Professional Service associates land permanent positions as a result of a temporary assignment annually.

High-Volume Permanent Placement Recruitment

A High-Volume Permanent Placement Recruitment program is a great option for companies with new and expanding locations as well as limited recruitment resources and fixed costs that hinder the ability to satisfy hiring objectives. We can assume your recruitment function by positioning a team of recruitment professionals exclusively for your organization that will maximize efforts beyond your recruitment budget to deliver results.

Project-Based Recruitment

Short hiring deadline? We’re ready with an expansive database of qualified candidates and a quick turnaround plan. Whether you need staff with similar skill sets or diverse capabilities, our high-performance recruiters have the processes, talent and experience to locate the best talent and meet your hiring objectives on a tight timeframe.

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